Saturday, 7 July 2012

Katy Strange

Karin Loopik, is the name behind Katy Strange.
I descovered her work at the ABK Maastricht 2012 graduation.

789 graduation project by Katy Strange
"I photographed all the people who slept in my bed for the last 2 years (789 days to be exact). These photographs are all short “bed-stories”, because this is how I experienced my student life. I use photography to tell my own personal stories.
 Throughout four years of study at the art academy I constantly tried to capture my experiences in photographs. Unfortunately I didn’t pay enough attention (photography-wise) to my friends in the beginning. Especially in hard times I often realize how much influence they have on me. They are part of who I am today. I show you my friends and you tell me who I am. Additionally I also made 100 self portraits. My student life has been unpredictably random sometimes and these 100 portraits of myself hopefully convey some of that randomness. They are shown in a timeline. So both my “Bed-stories” and the “100 days timeline” show me as an art student and the importance of the people around me, my friends."

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