Wednesday 11 July 2012

Tom Van der Borght

COC is ALL, COC is LOVE, will KILL for COC!

Personal, daring and stunning COC 'Church of Chica' collection by Tom Van der Borght. The collection was presented during the first edition of Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

The main inspiration for this collection was manipulation. More specifically the aim was to create the image and illusion of a cult, as it symbolises manipulation in it's most extreme way. Looking for an icon to build the cult around, I ended up with my own dog, Chica. The Church of Chica was born. When you flip around the word "dog", it becomes "god".  So i found the perfect reason to make my rescued mixed breed dog, lookin as an anti-hero,  the symbol of a new found path to happiness (and finally destruction). The collection tells the story how a cult works: starting from love, softness and positive images, going over brainwashing and fear and ending in total mania, terrorism, destruction. Worship will rescue us all. As i was very much influenced by ancient Mexican artwork and narci street fashion, the look of the collection is one of a Neon-Indians tribe, warriors of the light. 

On a more personal level, this collection tells my very own story: through artwork and self developped 
prints some major elements of my identity are displayed. Not only the use of my very own dog as an icon, 
but also the choice of printing microscopic images of the heriditary muscular disease i'm suffering from 
myself, on the outside of clothes, are giving a deeper insight in my oovercome/manipulate difficult parts of my own life into strengths. 

In a way u could say the whole collection is an encouragment to more self-worship and connection with our own selves. 

Tom Van der Borght is based in GENT, Belgium but he's roots are in Bilzen (Limburg - Belguim). He studied at Stedelijke Academie Voor Schone Kunsten Sint Niklaas. His collections are produced in Belgium.

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