Friday 17 August 2012

A guide through Manifesta 9

Ni Haifeng, Para-Production, 2012

Manifesta 9: The Deep of the Modern
Few weeks ago I was invited to guide a group of visitors through Manifesta 9. Beside the regular tours with art mediators they had a special concept '4x9 Stories' where people from various disciplines are invited to guide visitors based  on with their own point of view and expertise. Whether it be a sociologist or a musician, a cook or a fashion designer, one of the curators or one of the neighbours of our venue; each tour provides a new perspective on the exhibition.
I have to admit that I was nervous about it because I have never done something like this but Sandrien Wansink, one of the art mediators, helped me through. It was such a great and inspiring day. Manifesta 9 in Genk is really a must-see exhibition. Soon more posts but for now have a look at the pictures for an impression.
More info about Manifesta 9 (Waterschei, Genk (Belgium):

Christian Boltanski

Portrait of Spyros Roumeliotis and Polyxeni Papoutsi

Manuel Durán, Miner's Head, 1950 - 2012

Kevin Kaliski, Works, 2005 -  2012

Embroided Sayings

Rocco Granata 

Marcel Duchamp, 1200 Coal Sack, 1938

Turkish prayer mat

Christian Boltanski

Ni Haifeng

Ni Haifeng

Edward Burtynsky

Ana Torfs, [...] STAIN [...]

Richard Long

Magdalena Jitrik, Revolutionaty Life 

Jota Izquierdo ‘Captilismo Amarillo’

Jota Izquierdo ‘Captilismo Amarillo’

Jota Izquierdo ‘Captilismo Amarillo’

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