Friday 31 August 2012

MILIUS by Milan Stamenovic

Discovering talent that is somehow linked to ex-Yugoslavia always makes me happy. In this case it is Label MILIUS by designer Milan Stamenovic, of Serbian origin. He is based in Florence, Italy where he graduated with honors in painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and has specialized in the Haute Couture and Costume.
MILIUS offers beautiful haute couture jewelry made by hand in limited editions composed all of unique pieces. Poetical approach is one of characteristics present in the process of creating. Milan Stamenovic aims to bring the poise to the person while wearing objects and to give sublime definition to the created work which is achieved with his rich middle – European style and cultural and traditional background.
For Milan, accessories are the absolutely essential element for a man’s wardrobe and characterizes it’s purpose.  Gilet, cloaks, shirts and other garments are the defined traces of the style of Milan Stamenovic and his Haute Couture craftsmanship.
His collections are available in a luxury stores like LUISA VIA ROMA and in a luxury gold center of Florence Ponte Vecchio.
"Time Collection" is an expression of times gone by that lives on in our memories, the inspiration from which is transformed through the craftsmanship of antique clocks. The result is a collection of awards which honors young dandies. Small precious jewellery sophistically created with agate, turquoise, coral and horns, reptile leather and feathers."

The collections exists out of 40 limited-edition jewelry, all made using materials of different kinds like silver watches ranging from the late 800 and early 900, semi-precious stones, coral, metals such as tin, brass, porcelain clocks districts, snake and lizard leather...

The shape of the jewelry is in medal form giving slightly military tone with purpose of self recognition. Being honored with a pin, medal that are MILIUS'es jewelry, the one who be wearing the jewel would be embellished it self. A gem that recalls the taste of a style from the past enhanced with the appearance of man of today.

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