Friday 24 August 2012

youasme measyou - 'recover' FW 2012 collection

youasme measyou label is creating more than clothing. It is a story based out of of wearablle and authentic pieces that are made with quality and care.

"Now more than ever we are looking for special products that tell a story so we can actually relate to them. Things that we can cherish, that warm us and embrace us, give us shelter, inspired by the way vagabonds carry with them everything they need.

We are looking anew at the best qualities of our classics reclaiming them like cover versions of our favorite songs. Simplifying and re-shaping we are curating our essential wardrobe, all knitted, streamlined, deliberately free of excess, timeless. 
Authentic quality yarns are re-invented through new applications: Coated wool becomes a high performance water-repellent trenchcoat. Heavy raw linen makes for a chic Chanel jacket or a stunning long evening dress, Cotton sweat is vegetable dyed, clearly showing its sharp constructions.  
Instead of discarding raw materials at the end of their first lives we transform (and reuse) them. Recycled cashmere, the noblest of yarns, becomes reborn. Completely worn out jeans recovers as a 100% denim knit sweater. 
Universal belts in washed leather gather all, defining the silhouette. A range of restrained colors from looking at a clear blue sky on a winter’s day. They underline the endless versatility of timeless distinct pieces." (youasme measyou)

'Recover' FW2012 Collection is now available at

Lookbook credits
Photography: Blommers/Schumm 
Styling: Lidewij Merckx Models: Anine @ Paparazzi, Vic @ Ulla Models

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