Friday 14 September 2012

Modo Parcours 2012 Brussels

On the 12th, 13th and 14th October 2012, Modo Brussels will be organising its twelfth MODO PARCOURS. 

This annual phenomenon has blossomed into not only the largest fashion event in Brussels, but has also gained a high-profile status throughout Belgium and beyond. Over three days, Belgium’s hottest fashion talent will be exhibiting their creations in the capital, at more than 60 different locations. A fashion trail will lead visitors through the most exciting selection of Brussels’ trend-setting establishments in the Dansaert and Sablon districts. Their doors will be open, offering a bird’s-eye view on the world of fashion and the creative take of a new generation of designers.

Fashionalism, A New Trend
During the 1980’s, the key slogan was “Fashion: this is Belgian”. The success stories of The Antwerp Six and a small handful of other Belgian brands contrasted with a textile industry verging on extinction. Today, Belgium can be proud of its fashion schools. Due to our excellence, we have gained global recognition. Generations of designers, new labels and diverse fashion styles have been produced, even though our own textile industry is practically non-existent. Undoubtedly, Belgian has taken its place in the global fashion industry. The Fashion Planet is watching us!
Yet, despite our strong Belgian style, we are under threat from ever expanding globalisation, economic crises and our own lack of self-confidence. Today’s fashion designers struggle against high demands. Bureaucracy and the financial stress of being self-employed take their toll on our designers. In our consumer society, ever-shorter deadlines, smaller profit margins, plus the demand for instantaneous delivery and affordability, are crushing independent creativity.

Where does that leave the future for the designer fashion industry, today?
We need to rethink our own creative identity and devise a unique vocabulary. Only then can we combat the economic crises and the traditional system that designers, manufacturers and consumers are subjected to. Habits should be revised, new systems invented, and we should concentrate more on our strengths, locality and customers.
“How do I become a piece of the present-day giant fashion puzzle ?”
By “Fashionalism”, announcing a return to the essential:
“Redefining, reinterpreting and intellectualising fashion”
“Re-educating designers, manufacturers and consumers alike”
“Understanding ‘Belgitude’ and conveying the story”

A Touch of Belgian Style
This year, Modo Brussels has themed the trail “Belgian Trail”, inviting designers from Flanders and Wallonia to exhibit their creations. After all, with an astounding 10.000 visitors during this three-day event, this is the largest fashion event in Belgium.
“Installations include Raf Simons, Bruno Pieters, Romain Brau (Ra), la Fille d’O, Katrien van Hecke, Black Balloon, Kim Stumpf, Filles à Papa, Céline Pinkers, to name but few. These celebrated artists will be exhibiting next to our own local talented Brussels designers”

Guest Country : The Netherlands
Expo: High Fashion, Low Countries 
An initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Belgium and Javier Barcala, this exhibition is an interpretation of “Slow Fashion”, innovation and sustainability. Three Dutch designers – Jantine Van Peski, Natalie de Koning, Pauline van Dongen – plus three Belgian designers – Céline De Schepper, Katrien Van Hecke, Lena Lumelsky – will display their personal visions in this mini-collection, especially for the occasion. MAD Brussels and Modo Brussels support the exhibition.
Address : MAD Brussels, Place Nouveau Marché aux Grains 10, 1000, Brussels.
From 12th until 26th October, 2012
In addition, five young talented Dutch designers will exhibit alongside, taking part in the Modo Parcours : Nada Van Dalen, Elsien Gringhuis, Winde Rienstra, Nicolaas Hein and Marloes Blaas.

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