Thursday 4 October 2012

15th edition of the Dutch Dance Festival

It is almost time for the15th edition of the Dutch Dance Festival.
On 5, 6 and 7 October, the festival is presenting the most important developments in Dutch dance, in some amazing, unforgettable and striking dance performances created in the Netherlands. In a single weekend, there will be performances by the well-known dance companies and by new names, with big hits alongside works in the making, and a whole range of events for audiences to enjoy – from urban dance to classical ballet.

For the past seven years I have always attended the festival. This weekend I will try again to see a much as possible.

Info & program

Just few tips of the amazing program 

Sweat Baby Sweat by Jan Martens

ROCCO by Emio Greco | PC

GRIND by Jefta van Dinther in collaboration with Minna Tiikkainen and David Kiers
Photo: Viktor Gårdsäter

Parkin'son by Giulio D’Anna

NANINE PASSION - Docu about Nanine Linning

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