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Belgian musician makes short film about drama on High Fens (Belgium) and he is looking for investors through crowdfunding.

Few months ago the initiator of the project, musician TOUR (Stijn Segers), asked me if I was interested to design costumes for FAGNARDS project. I was sold immediately to this unique project and said yes. Meanwhile, the costumes are done and the docu has been filmed and I can't wait to see the end result.

FAGNARDS needs your support
Until then FAGNARDS is featured on a non-profit organization that together with filmmakers is looking for investment for their film project among the film audience. In exchange for the investment the will receive rewards. You can already support the project with a small donation.
From today there are 60 days to find investors who can give FAGNARDS the extra push it needs. The aim is 2500 euro. Investing is possible with a small amount of money: the start amount is 15 euro. There are several investment formulas possible. Check the details for crowdfunding here.


Fagnards Trailer Cinecrowd from CineCrowd on Vimeo.

On January 21st 1871 the young couple Francois Reiff and Marie Solheid took off by foot to Marie's native village to settle their marriage. They took the shortest route: through the High Fens, a rough wildlife area in the east of Belgium with unpredictable weather conditions and a long and dark history of disappearances. They would never reach their goal: the couple died in the middle of the area, heavily disorientated and suffering from hypothermia. Only weeks later their bodies were discovered by a Prussian border patrol. You can find the Lover's Cross on that location ever since.

When Stijn Segers read the story he was love struck and started working on the short movie FAGNARDS: He wrote 4 songs that describe the story and took off with female singer Dienne Bogaerts, producer Luuk Cox, film maker Martijn Pillards and costume designer Branko Popovic to record and to film the songs. Together with images of the area and a second story line about an endangered bird (the black grouse) living in the area the film will be a strange mix of drama film, nature documentary and video clip.

The short film premieres in February 2013 and will be presented on a symbolic place: the Church of Xhoffraix, the village where the couple on that fatal day had to arrive. The presentation of the short film is accompanied with a live concert of the music from the movie.

Get the feel of the movie here:

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