Friday 19 October 2012

Style Feed - The World's Top Fashion Blogs

Style Feed - The World's Top Fashion Blogs book is out and Un Nouveau iDEAL by Filep Motwary is included.
As I am one of Filep's reporters I am very proud.

If you have not checked it before, shame on you:

Style Feed - The World's Top Fashion Blogs by William Oliver and curation by Susie Bubble.

This survey of the online fashion scene is the first to profile the field's best-known bloggers and most exciting up-andcomers. Packed with vibrant photos and interviews, Style Feed includes Streetpeeper's uncompromising edginess; industry insider Disneyrollergirl's savvy analysis; the passionate flamboyance of Anna Dello Russo; prescient observations from Chicago teenager Tavi Gevinson, The Style Rookie; former model Hanneli Mustaparta's take on what's hot right now; The Business of Fashion's up-to-the-minute news; and chic elders on parade through the streets of Manhattan as documented on Advanced Style.
Susie Bubble, founder of influential blog The Style Bubble, opens the book with her own quirky take on style blogging's history and importance within the fashion world at large and then selects the entries included. Perfect for fashion rule-breakers and closet-packing Prada fiends alike, Style Feed offers unprecedented access to a pioneering stream of talented trendspotters.

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