Friday, 16 November 2012

Secret Postcards

The very first of edition of Secret Postcards in The Netherlands is opening doors in Maastricht this Saturday at Jan van Eyck Academy.
Make sure that you are on time (, because this is your unique chance to purchase a piece of art for just 55 euro. 'first come, first served ' is the sales procedure.
I got the chance to get a sneak preview and there is quite a lot to choose from; 575 art works from around 250 artists like Atelier van Lieshout, Barbara Visser, Romain Brau, Linda Maissan, Kaspar Hamacher, Elvira 't Hart, Jeroen van Bergen, Antoine Berghs, Sidi el Karchi, Jeroen Evertz, Laurens Hamacher, Nawie Kuiper, Lonneke van der Palen, Les Deux Garçons, Keetje Mans, Maurice Mentjens, Jack Reubsaet, Edwin Smet, Ivo Straetmans, Ellen Truijen, Sara Vrugt, Bas de Wit, and many more... and me :)

Secret Postcards exhibition open Saturday 17th of November at 11 am and is open until 25th of November.
Location: Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht (Academieplein 1 in Maastricht)

So what is Secret Postcards project all about
Secret Postcards is a very unique sort of exhibition that is not like any other. The artists produce postcard-sized works of art that are exhibited anonymously and can be purchased for a modest sum. It's a concept that is entirely new to the Netherlands: a high-quality exhibition that is easily accessible to the public because it's held outside the museum.
What's important here is the visitor's own perception and interpretation. The exhibited artworks will not be readily identifiable. Secret Postcards challenges the audience to cross the frontiers of their usual way of working.The artists taking part in Secret Postcards have been recommended by a team of four curators from celebrated museums and cultural organisations.
The choice is outstanding and the experience is very refreshing!

Read more about Secret Postcards initiative and vision here:

Have a look at this preview. In real they are more exciting and for now no credits...Psssst.

Carl Johan Högberg 
Esther Janssen

Sara Vrugt

Michael van den Besselaar
Kaat Waterschoot
Mathieu Bruls

Annemarie van Sprang

Driessens & Verstappen

Anneke Eussen

Elvira 't Hart

Jabu Arnell

Kaat Waterschoot

Marie van Vollenhoven

Mathieu Bruls

Puck Verkade

Tina Schwarz

Anneke Eussen

Nawie Kuiper

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