Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dansvooropleiding Maastricht needs support!

Dion Savelkoul
The survival of the Dansvooropleiding Maastricht (educational dance school) is in danger!
Therefore Dansvooropleiding Maastricht organized a charity gala in to show their self-produced performances but sadly also to ask for help.  The school seeks donors urgently to able to continue offering a platform to regional young dance talents. For many years the school has been a great platform  for dance talents.  Many of them followed a professional dance training and some of them like Natascha Dejong for example are enjoying huge successes at the moment.
Last night I attended the gala and encountered the great potential of these young talents. It is hard to believe that the school is in danger at this stage where the talent is blossoming.

They have now launched a foundation 'Stichting Ondersteuning Danstalent Limburg' to gain support  and to be able to keep on offering of the platform to dance talents from the Euregio (Maastricht and its environment). Support it & Spread the word!

Here are few images from last nights performances.

'Pas Compris'  by Diede Vermeesch

Sharon Habets 

Jennifer Romen

Candy Coated Suite by Ronald Wintjens (Project Sally)

'Enjoy the moment' / choreography and dance (Myronne Rietbergen, Kayla Tuggle, Zach Enquist, Tyler Schnese)

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