Thursday 3 January 2013

Design from Limburg at Museum Het Domein

clothing: Sjef Claessen / table object Valentin Loellmann
Design is probably not the first thing that pops in your mind when you think of Limburg, but it has been there for quite some time.
For the very first time De Salon Foundation initiated an overview exhibition where you can see the work of 28 selected designers from the province of Limburg. Chequita Nahar, designer and one of the leading teachers at ABKMaastricht has been asked to curate this exhibition.  The exhibition shows work of established designers like Ted Noten and Maurice Mentjens but also of several emerging talents like Danielle Vroemen and Valentin Loellmann.
Although I have seen most of the included work before I am very pleased to see contemporary design from Limburg under the spotlight. However I have to say that I did miss some designers from Limburg here. And where are the fashion designers?
One of the surprises of this exhibition is the presentation by Ellen Truijen 'the dissection of Daddy Cool'. She shows insight and the process in one of her design classics. You can see all ingredients, materials and acts that are needed to create a bag. If the exhibition contained more of this it would have been brought to another level. What do these designers have in common besides that they are from Limburg or that most of them are alumni from ABKMaastricht? Is there a specific signature? It would be interesting to research some of these questions.
While going through the catalogue I found inspiring text and words by Matylda Krzykowski: "Designers, as much as human being, long for parameters. Creativity, it seems, requires boundaries. Without boundaries, what should we push?"

For now I can just recommend to visit the exhibition one of these days. You can see 'Design from Limburg' at Museum Het Domein in Sittard until January 6th.
And when you are in Sittard go to Putstraat where you can find FEE Conceptstore and Labels.

Carla Nuis

Dik Scheepers

Fabian von Spreckelsen

Valentin Loellmann

Ellen Truijen

video Bob van Boven (Mamvi)
concept: Rob Truijen (Caramel)

Ellen Truijen
video Bob van Boven (Mamvi)
concept: Rob Truijen (Caramel)

Jan Wehrens

Lucy Sarneel

Vincent Sterenberg

Mathieu Bruls

Maurice Mentjens

Iris Verstappen

Marco Iannicelli

Theo Smeets

Ted Noten


Philip Lüschen

Jeroen Wand

Jeroen Wand

Luc Daamen

Danielle Vroemen

zachte G by Gorissendeponti

Patrick Schols

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