Monday, 14 January 2013

Yeashin Kim

Berlin Fashion Week is about to start, just as the Fier Showroom AW 13/14. Yeashin Kim is also one of the participants in this prestigious showroom event.
Yeashin Kim designs clothing inspired by her South Korean roots, traditional clothing and paintings from South Korea. I saw her work for the first time last year during London Fashion Week at the International Fashion Showcase exhibition.

Q&A with Yeashin Kim

Where do you come from, what’s your background?
I am from South Korea. My first major was fine art at the Arts School in Korea. However, I was always interested in fashion so after finishing my high school I moved to London and started the fashion course at London College of fashion where I graduated in 2011.

Are there any Influences from your country?
Yes, a lot of my ideas come from the traditional clothes and paintings in South Korea. That is quite noticable in the details and colours that I use.

What’s your style? Materials? What sets you apart? What cuts?
My clothing style reflects cuteness, colourfulness and uniqueness. The fabrics that I use commonly are silk, satin and canvas cotton.

Inspirations behind your last collection?
The inspiration for my last collection were Korea’s traditional painting and country side landscape. But also some movies from the 60s.

How many collections have you had? Three collections.

What kind of support have you had from the contests, the state, the university?
My university had supported a press show, so a lot of blogs and magazines were posting on my collection and about me. I get also a lot of calls from stylist. Furthermore, I received an award form WGSN for the most creative student collection and UK VOUGE selected my collection for one of the best collections of the year.

Do you take part in trade fairs in Paris, London, NY?
I participated in one showroom at Boston fashion week.

What's your next step, can you explain what you have reached so far?
I recently opened the online shop and next year I am going to work on raising awarness of my brand by opening flagshipstores and try to attract buyers with entering the Seoul and London fashion week as well. I am planning to take part in Paris showroom at the same time.

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