Sunday, 10 March 2013

Made in Europe - Go Short

Made in Europe - Go Short at Lumière Maastricht 

15 - 16 March 2013 

Showcase of European short films, 
2-day festival program in Maastricht alongside the short film festival in Nijmegen.

Made in Europe, based in Maastricht, functions as a platform for the development and support of burgeoning European and Euregional film talent. Go Short is the foremost festival short film festival of The Netherlands. Put the two of them together, and you end up with Made in Europe / Go Short, a two-day mini-festival during which the best and newest European short films are presented, promising regional filmmakers get their moment in the spotlight and film enthusiast are given the opportunity to meet with the directors of tomorrow.
All this in a lively and easy-going ‘festival’-atmosphere, what more can one possibly ask for?

Though short films are often met with low enthusiasm by the general public, the art form stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to pure versatility. They allow for filmmakers to experiment and give them an opportunity to test their creativity. For the young and aspiring they serve as a springboard to a professional career, for more experienced filmmakers they function as an arena to further explore their more idiosyncratic tendencies and escape the confines of the studio system.
Made in Europe is an initiative of Lumière Cinema Maastricht.

More information & Tickets

You can book tickets online or by phone:

Go Short International Film Festival: From March 13 until March 17 2013 – LUX Nijmegen

Here are just few tips

Premiere of 'Fagnards', a short wildlife music documentary

Here‘s your chance to attend the first-ever screening of FAGNARDS, the story of a tragic love affair made by the Belgian musician/filmmaker who goes by the name of TOUR (Hasselt, 1977) On January 22 1871, Marie Solheid and François Reiff took off to Marie’s native village to settle their marriage. They decided to take the shortest route: across the High Fens, a rough nature area with unpredictable weather conditions. They would never reach their goal: the couple died in the middle of the Fens, desorientated and struck with hypothermia. On the location where they past away people placed the Lover’s Cross.
I have designed the costumes for Fagnards.

Sevilla by Bram Schouw
Three youngsters make a roadtrip to Sevilla that will change their lives forever. Sevilla won the Gouden Kalf during Dutch Film Festival in 2012.
More info

'The Fuse: Or How I Burned Simon Bolivar' by Igor Drljača
This documentary follows how a young boy attempts to avoid a poor mark on a school assignment in 1990’s Sarajevo, may have contributed to a civil war.

'Rew Day' by Svilen Dimitrov

The last day of a man’s life is seen as on a videotape which is being rewound to the moment he wakes up in the morning, having no idea what lays ahead.

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