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Fashion Weekend Skopje SS2013

Seka Radoncic
Location – Porsche - Audi Macedonia, Photography – AD Photography, Hair Style – Rolland Group, Make-up – Cosmo stores with collaboration with Manhattan, Max Factor, L’Oreal.

Highlight overview of several collections presented at Fashion Weekend Skopje. 
- Elena Luka
- Hard to Explain
- Mikka Design
- Irina Tosheva
- Viba Teks
- Khristina Despotovska
- Vibrazioni by Aleksandra Mitkovska
- Seka Radoncic
- Rosca-Mrsik

Vibrazioni by Aleksandra Mitkovska

Elena Luka

The future is an act of faith and imagination – a kind of new optimism. Our distant ancestors, as well as our closer ones, have often dealt with forming their own image of what the future holds. It is precisely that idea, to explore the image of the future in the minds of the artists of the past, which is our new challenge. Through the years, futurism has got a stereotyped direction with its banal clichés. It differs in two imaginative representations – utopia and dystopia. In our collection, we will present a utopian picture of the future and we will try, for a moment, to escape from the stereotypes that strictly reflect the futurism.
One of the more enticing themes from the past that corresponds to the theme is Stanley Kubrick’s film 2001: A Space Odyssey, as seen from an aesthetic and substantial aspect.

Elena Luka
The freedom of movement and the spirit of spontaneity are subtly felt in the spring-summer 2013 collection – “DALGA” (WAVE).
The wavelike art of DALGA is a perfect blend between the palette of shades of pure sand colors and the spontaneous play of the airy shapes and fine materials. Flowy and light, at times fairytale-like, the fifty creations uncompromisingly leave space for expression and establishing a unique style and identity of the contemporary woman.
The glass effect, achieved by combining silk with organdie, opens a new dimension in the visual signature of woman. She is decisive, bold enough, and brave to cover her body with transparent materials that present her figure to the public without any scruples, but, at the same time, emphasize her romanticism and tenderness.
The refinement, in a modernized authenticity, defines DALGA as a timeless blend of elegance, femininity, freedom, and unconventionality.

Hard to Explain
“GARDEN OF REVERIES” is a symbolic fashion performance that primarily sets the boldest population among the fashion avant-garde as target because in order to wear these natural creations with wide spectrum of colors, which once again were created by Katerina Popeva, Marija Dacevska, and Marija Domazetovska (HARD TO EXPLAIN), you really need to have a justified fashion concept. It is particularly important that these three creative fashion designers have decided to underline the essence of the fashion avant-garde in this urban fashion collection with an elegant note that really approaches the ordinary man, who is presented with the artistic on a symbolic way, without intimidation but with a release in thought in order to afford themselves this kind of fashion. At the same time, this type of population could detail its exterior with an elegant style that would intertwine with the base of the avant-garde.

Mikka Design
The inspiration for the spring 2013 collection is the game “Xs and Os” and is shown on several layers: shapes, motifs, contrasts, spontaneity, and strategy.
The carrying motifs of the collection are circles, lines, and nets which are made out of manually woven cord and applied on delicate fabrics in the form of an effective application.
The modern shapes of the clothing allow many different combinations among the pieces of the collection. The collection is a proposal for a strategy for modern and spontaneous woman. The game with Xs and Os, if a proper interpretation is found, changes into interesting pieces of clothing that could be worn daily, because of the specific compromise between the avant-garde and city elegance, destroying the monotony in street fashion.

Irina Tosheva
The inspiration finds you. The dragonfly that paid me an unexpected visit, made me follow it searching for its symbols we all dream of – happiness, prosperity, courage, purity… In this collection, I set out on the road of nature and its mystique, using cotton and silk. It is in the comfort of the materials that I find the location of these heralds of dreams and illusions of the magic of love that the spring/summer season brings. Transformation means fashion. My muses want to be noticed, colorful, and their own. They provoke the senses and flirt with the surrounding. It is the only way they can overcome the mass and form, and to bring joy and bloom again. Leave your superstition aside and become part of the flowery fairy tale of Irina Tosheva, exclusively through

Viba Teks
As inspiration for the creation of his spring/summer 2013 collection, designer Metodija Kocev took the American actress Anne Jacqueline Hathaway who fully represents the target group: a strong, individual woman who radiates energy and love, a woman who looks sophisticated, unique, classic…
The collection has a design approach to creating a practical and wearable clothing- feminine, exclusive, yet exciting. It is dominated by pleasant thin transparent materials with effects of playful and colorful patterns transformed into elegant, strict, and classic forms as varieties of shirts, dresses, skirts, blazers…
The past elimination of the male line in the fashion world inspired the designer to create a male/female collection; male shirts with designs that are bold and, at the same time, full of life and carrying a message of play and excitement.

Khristina Despotovska

The new collection comes as a completion of a magical 15 year cycle and successful existence in the fashion industry; a collection that fully expresses Hristina’s maturity as a designer and represents the culmination of her fashion visions embodied in the profile of what a real woman needs to represent today – feminine, elegant, but, on the other hand, bold energetic, and open to new challenges. That is why her collection doesn’t have a strict thematic title, knows no seasons, or target group… every woman/girl, that wears the confidence and comfort in her own body as accessory, complemented by the scent of new hope and freshness that spring brings, could find herself in it at any time. The strong colors that dominate the collection are derived from the new spring notes.


Rosica Mrsik maintains her distinctive design expression by creating models with geometrical precision, the technique by which the female figure is being framed in a modern and feminine photograph. It brings together parts of fabrics in a complex construction of shapes, colors, and patterns which produce clothing for today’s urban women. The designer realizes her vision for the overall look of these women by adding unusual details in accordance with the general idea of each collection.

The collection spring/summer 2013 is inspired by Fritz Lang’s film Metropolis. The idea is conveyed in the collection by elaboration of the proletarian look expressed through clear uniform lines upgraded with futuristic outline and vision, and defined by the use of black, gray, and white color. The contrast is made by adding romantically sweet note of flowy parts in neon pink.

Vibrazioni by Aleksandra Mitkovska

Lidiya Georgieva Collection “Paysage 26”

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