Friday, 12 April 2013

Maja Kikiritkova at Fashion Weekend Skopje SS2013

Maja Kikiritkova
Baroque inspiration through my optic and experiencing the same. The work in progress contains dense and solid materials; brocade that with the loss of texture crosses over to flowy silks and laces complemented with pearls. The leitmotif is a golden track that connects all the models and plays with the center of gravity of all the pieces. Roughness, simplicity, and tameness through forms in a homogenous mixture lead to perfect balance that captivates. The light plays a major role in the entire concept, the shades of white that contrast the sparkle of black are sprinkled with golden moments that symbolize the sun coloring. The woman, motif of re-creator, and the sun, motif of creator, inspired by one society, are transferred with my code in an epoch visualized by me. It’s a sharp one and corresponds with the clothes and it has before it the task of taming the nature of things and thus managing it! 
Accessories – OSA by Olgica Stojkovska Art. 
Shoes – by Oliveti.  

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