Sunday 14 April 2013

Melissanthi Spei - Beautiful is Just Another Degree of Terrible

"The starting point of the project was the current economic crisis, especially in Greece, which is where I come from, and how we can use our own cultural resourses to create something new which will give a new direction to the future generations. I think there is so much in folklore culture, especially when you look at the Balkans which have not been exploited and it is a same as it is fading away and it is really up to young people to make it stand out." 

The aim of this project is to study how social and cultural everyday life issues can be translated within fashion context to present a fresh point of view, in this case by bringing new attention to tradition. The collection concept is current, personal and helps me evolve through an exploration of my cultural heritage.
Melissanthi Spei recently graduated from London College of Fashion.

• Photographer: Nikolas Ventourakis
• Model: Claudia Devlin (Premier Model Management)
• Hair Stylist: Stelios Chondros
• Make up artist: Kristina Ralph

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