Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Opening of the 7th season of Fashion Weekend Skopje

The exhibition “Retrospective of the fashion in Macedonia 1983-2013” officially opened Fashion Weekend Skopje 7th season, spring/summer 2013. 

The goal of this project is to get closer to the process of designing collections that know no limits. A retrospective that brings you back in time, that connects the things created in the past and in the present and looks forward in what we can expect. The exhibition presents photographs and video materials, as well as apparel, shoes and fashion accessories typical for each of the decades. The brands that are represented are MAKPRIMAT, Astibo, Bella, Britex, Rudnik, Godel and other. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, its media partner is Macedonian weekly magazine “TEA Moderna”.
“Retrospective of the fashion in Macedonia 1983-2013”

Nikola Eftimov
The exhibition was followed by the fashion performance of one of the most famous Macedonian designers Nikola Eftimov (assistant – Aleksandra Jovanovska). Behind the seemingly pretentious title of the collection – Being Nikola Eftimov, based on the film Being John Malkovich - hides the intimate desire to re-actualize part of the shapes, types of finishing, textures, and colors which constantly fascinated me throughout my design career in the past two decades. The process of devising the collection began with a stylistic research of the 1970’s, especially in terms of international bohemian spirit. The collection contains elements of reinterpretation of certain types of clothing taken from the history of suit and extremely stylized folklore. This mixture is spiced with the inevitable influence of street fashion and youthful rebellion for constant relativization of the established values.
Part of the materials was laundered several times in order to achieve a vintage feeling. They have been colored, painted, bleached, embroidered by hand etc. The palette is based on gray, black, and dirty white with an emphasis of intense colors.

Tanja Kokev
The next fashion show that took place on April, 1, was of Tanja Kokev’s, another very famous designer. The fashion show was held at the Museum of the Macedonian struggle for statehood and independence. 
About the collection: A man and a woman. He is wearing a suit with a perfect cut and she is wearing the most feminine dress that has ever walked the town promenade. A romance. A romantic one, the one we have forgotten, where the foreplay is more important than the act; the man is man and the woman is woman. Kokev dedicates this year’s spring/summer 2013 collection to romance – to the most feminine in woman, where the dignity and elegance start with clothes and end with the overall lifestyle. Minimalism but luxury, pastel colors but lively ones, a pinch of retro and a lot of contemporary. The new collection has the freshness of spring morning and the strength of love at first sight. Inspired by the trains of the past, there are parts of the visited places whose air left a mark on the fabric. The lace is just a detail – an emphasis that remains in the memory of the memories past.

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