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FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013 preview

designer Andreea Mandrescu
photography Mei-En Lien
FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013 31st of May until 9th of June 2013

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht celebrates its 5th edition and therefore the fashion event will last for nine days this year. Besides the regular program including fashion shows, exhibition and performances, an extensive side program will take place with pop-up shops, exhibition at ‘Museum aan het Vrijthof’, workshops and presentations held on several locations in Maastricht. For all the fashionista’s among us there are several pop-up stores in the city. To start with, there is the FASHIONCLASH pop-up store in collaboration with FEE conceptstore where one can find unique fashion, accessories and jewellery.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to see the 2012 film program of Berlin fashion Film Festival.

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is an international and interdisciplinary fashion event mainly focusing on ‘young’ designers and artists, active within a broad range of disciplines. The event gives them the opportunity to show their work. The work shown, are related through a clear link with fashion: fashion collections, textile, photography, video, jewellery, accessories etc.
The event includes work by over a hundred talents from all over the world! Have a look at all participants here: Participants!
FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is accessible for everybody and offers something for everyone! Admission for the exhibition and most of the side program in Maastricht is free.
To attend the fashion shows, the FASHIONCLASH party and FASHIONCLASH @ Museum aan het Vrijthof exhibition one can buy a ticket. TICKETS

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht is a unique opportunity to discover new talents and get inspired by fashion in the widest sense of the word.

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht 2013 31st of May until 2nd of June: Fashion shows and exhibition at SAMdecorfabriek Maastricht.

FASHIONCLASH Maastricht Side Program: 1st of June until 9th of June at several locations in Maastricht.

designer: Pierre Antoine Vettorello
photography: Ronald Stoops

Fashion Shows
There are fashion shows where one can see various fashion collections of emerging labels. From avant-garde and haute couture to ready-to-wear women's and men's fashion, but the catwalk also makes room for theatre performances and presentations. Fashion designers from the Netherlands Jef Montes and MCFOOL by Malou Fool will show their newest collections on the catwalk and SQUAT // Young @ Squat platform presents several promising fashion talents from Slovenia.
Ima Mad
Photography - Lukasz Pukowiec

Furthermore, one can see collections by Franziska Michael and Tata Christiane from Germany, Pierre Antoine Vettorello and Tom Van der Borght from Belgium, DIORALOP by Andreja Bistricic & Maja Merlic from Croatia, Georgina Santiago from Spain, Andreea Mandrescu from Romania/Uk, Petra Ptáčková from Czech Republic, Ima Mad from Poland, Marko Marosiuk from Serbia and many more...Have a look at the Fashion Show Schedule here.

Thomas van der Jeught
The former décor factory of Mosa will temporarily be transformed into an exhibition that shows the art of fashion. Creations and designs from several disciplines linked with fashion will be presented in one space. Beside fashion collections from designers like Thomas Van der Jeught and Yvonne Laufer one can see work by photographers Lonneke van der Palen and Mike van der Ent, jewellery from MILIUS by Milan Stamenovic, fashion and textile of Andreea Mandrescu, installations by Marije Hellwich, Ellen Sampson, Hana Frišonsová and so on. In the exhibition one can also enjoy fashion film; the 2012 program of Berlin fashion Film Festival will be shown.

Ellen Sampson

Theatrical Encounters and Clash Project
As the name already suggests, FASHIONCLASH stands for a clash with fashion. From this concept we have created interdisciplinary projects as the Clash Project which involves non-designers who express their vision of fashion in a fashion creation. This year’s edition include photographer Madame Peripetie and llot llot a creative studio from GERMANY.

Atelier Milada by Ann Boogaerts
photography Peter stigter

FASHIONCLASH @ MUSEUM AAN HET VRIJTHOF (starting 5th of June): FASHIONCLASH is celebrating its fifth birthday and therefore celebrating it with among others an exhibitions at Museum aan het Vrijthof with an overview of some FASHIONCLASH Maastricht highlights such as the Clash project and the work of Femke Agema who participated in all the previous editions of the event. At the exhibition there is also an overview of the project FASHIONCLASH Fashion Procession 2011.
Especially for this exhibition Ann Boogaerts, Joelle Boers, Bregje Cox, Gabriel Guevara and Ingo Binder were invited to create new work inspired by the museum.

More information concerning program, participants and tickets please visit www.fashionclash.nl

Dennis Vanderbroeck

Tom Van der Borght

Gerda Postma Ikkai
photography Daan Paans

Jolijn Pasmans
photography Lobke Leijser

Lonneke van der Palen

Milius by Milan Stamenovic

Georgina Santiago
photography Daniel Armengol

Jef Montes
photography Peter Stigter

Elke van Zuylen
photography Kiet Duong

Hana Frišonsová
photography Neven Allgeier

Amit Baruch
photography Asaf Einy

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