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Fashion & Design Institute Mauritius Fashion Show 2013

Chevy Imrit

The Fashion & Design Institute organizes annually a fashion show and an exhibition to showcase the collections of their students. This year the event took place on June 17 in the J&J Auditorium Phoenix in Mauritius. The show featured collections and designs by students from the full time and part time HND fashion/textile programme. The 1st year students presented collection inspired by the Dutch arrival in Mauritius.
The Fashion and Design Institute was set up through enactment of FDI in 2008 and officially launched in September 2009. The FDI has been established with the purpose of developing talent, and innovation with a view to sustain the Mauritian Design and manufacturing sector in the long term.
Before the show I had a sneak preview backstage, where the ambience was very nice. It was lovely to meet some of the students and feel their excitement. The actual stage and scenography made it not that easy to review the collections, but after the show we have selected several pieces for the editorial shoot which was a much better way to see the clothing. In many cases the clothing was well made.
Looking back to the show I can say that here and there there where some interesting proposals and designs such as the graduation collection by Chevy Imrit, Varsha Ramsur and Ganeshwaree Ramsurn. But others where less successful in translating the traditional theme's to contemporary fashion design. Many collections where stuck in tradition and heritage which made it rather costume. From up close the use of prints is interesting but mostly used decorative and not taking design in combination with the shapes to another level. This was the case with the last collection on the runway, a collection by Mushiirah Joolia who's prints are stunning but the designs lacked innovation.
First year collection had few interesting looks as well, such as the outfit by Priscilla Briquin and one of my favorite looks, the printed white dress by Vidoushi Poorun.
My general impression is that there is potential and motivation at FDI in Mauritius. The institute is led by a very nice team of professors who gave me the feeling that they are genuine in making their institute successful.  For the future I suggest a different scenography for the show and more attention to styling - less is more.

In connection to the historic visit of the Dutch Tall Ships in Mauritius, a Dutch Week was organized. FASHIONCLASH has been invited to present one Dutch designer (Tessa Wagenvoort) and two models.
FAD International, was also one of the guests. FAD - Fashion Art Design International India - is one of India's leading design school honouring international qualifications in partnership with international fashion schools. They presented a collection NZURI (A Beautiful World), a collection inspired by tribal Africa and translated into high street.

Impressions from the fashion show

1st year students: Deena Appadoo, Sridevi Atchiaraze, Khoshila Auckaloo, Priscilla Briquin, Melanie Calinghee, Cedric Cotte, Urvashi Dulthumun, Annick lp SionThoo, Raina Jankee, Kevin Jharittaya, Leila Knoodoo, Mara Lurde, Vidooshi Poorun, Natasha Veeranah and Jenita Yerkiah.

2nd year students: Nancy Assy, Tashvi Beenessreesing, Melina Doger de Speville, Doralie Domingue, Deeptika Doolub, Deborah Dussoye, Joanne Ernest, Fabien Fauzou, Nazeerah Fatadin-Fatehmamode, Varsha Gopynauth Ramsur, Ludmilla Govinden, Vashish Horill, Chevy Imrit, Mushiirah Joolia, Pooja Joymungul, Yashnah Kissoon, Beatrice Merne, Ourmila Seeboo, Vanisha Sookhit, Tavany Sundra, Ganeshwaree Ramsurn

Chevy Imrit

1st year students, inspired by the Dutch arrival in Mauritius

Joanne Ernest

Varsha Gopynath Ramsur

Varsha Ramsur

Varsha Ramsur

Ganeshwaree Ramsurn

Ganeshwaree Ramsurn

Mushiira Joolia

Mushiira Joolia


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