Monday 19 August 2013

MoBA 13 - Mood Room

Leigh Bowery
On 12th of July I visited MoBA 13, the worlds only fashion biennale in Arnhem.
The visit of MoBA central exhibition starts with Mood Room, a multi-media experience that sets the tone for the biennale, curated by Lidewij Edelkoort to submerge visitors in art, images and sound.

In this room there is a special homage to  performance artists Leigh Bowery and ORLAN who have been inspiring a new generation of fetishists. Photography Sabine Pigalle, Ari versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek among others, where seen alongside a 9-metre audiovisual by Lidewij Edelkoort that explores the world of fetishism.
Lidewij is amazing in putting images and concepts together and so she did exactly for MoBA. However the power of the Mood Room is not completely fulfilled in the rest of the main exhibition 'Fetishism in Fashion'.
The huge exhibition consisted of many rooms with numerous outfits. Each room had a name from which the curation of the shown creations was based. Yes almost all creations were amazing! It was wonderful to see emerging international designers I have spotted in past years and even several FASHIONCLASH Maastricht designers. But the exhibition looked like it was a permanent museum while there could have been done so much more with such strong content. After few rooms it became repetitive as the presentation was nearly the same in each room, all outfits were presented on a mannequin. As much as I have enjoyed the exhibition I really had higher expectations.

Here is a picture report of the Mood Room.
In following post I will share a large selection of images from the main exhibition.

Leigh Bowery


Marie Taillefer

Sabine Pigalle
The secret of Apron, according to Lidewij one of the main fashion fetish icons

Moodboards in the moodroom

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