Thursday, 12 September 2013

Filip Roth A/W 2013

Krakow based Filip Roth is one of the emerging names coming from Poland. Here you can have a look at the A/W 2013 collection.

E_XISTENCE is a collection for the autumn/winter season 2013. Moreover, it is the first part of a trilogy dealing with the topic of struggle for meaning of human existence. This central theme is underlined with a few seemingly insignificant quotes taken from novels of J.P. Sartre and A. Camus.

The collection consists of several female and male dresses kept in an unisex manner, which is additionally leaving space for individual interpretation. Furthermore, it is kept in a chilly colouring: an omnipresent black emerging in materials such as wool, cashmere, leather or Jaquard weaving – with the last serving as the leitmotif of the whole collection – is punctuated with a strong orange accent coming forth in nylon or alcantara.
In the course of interdisciplinary actions a film was made under the same title – E_XISTENCE – promoting the collection during the second edition of the “Warsaw Fashion Film Festival”. The Film is an integral part of the presentation, which will take place the 21st of April at the 8th instalment of the “Fashionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland” in Lodz.

Filip Roth is the alias of a Polish artist of a new generation who is living his everyday-life in Krakow. His projects are the materialized vision of people relentlessly looking for their own „self“, without the aspiration to determine them. They are rather conceived as a subtle emphasis in order to enable to take the next step.

If you want to see more:

E_XISTENCE A/W 2013 Lookbook

Director: Piotr Naumowicz, Mariusz Cieniawa
Director of Photography: Mariusz Cieniawa, Piotr Naumowicz
Producer: Piotr Naumowicz, Mariusz Cieniawa, Filip Roth
Co-Producer: Grzegorz Twaróg, Łukasz Rogulski
Music: Paweł Pruski (
Stylist: Olga Roth Hair: Andrzej Wierzbicki
Make-up: Vika May (
Cast: Katarzyna Boruszak (SPP Models)

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