Saturday 21 September 2013

The Pilgrim Project #2: Yatra

The Pelgrim Project #2: Yatra premiered this evening at Sint Lambertuskerk Maastricht. The performance part of the Musica Sacra Festival Maastricht 2013 programme.
After memorable 'The Pelgrim Project #1',  I am again very proud.
Two men from different continents - Europe and Asia - met at the crossroads of their aspirations. The European has a great desire to the East, the Indian to Europe. When the two came together they felt as if they were looking in a mirror. Both see themselves in the other. The result is a brand new choreography and a blend of martial arts and traditional dance techniques. With influences from Kalaripayattu (Indian martial arts), Shaolin Wushu (can fu) and Tibetan Buddhism.

Dance and choreography: GOTRA | Joost Vrouenraets and  Rakesh MPS
Video: Simon Bus
Costumes: Branko Popovic
Sint Lambertuskerk Maastricht 

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