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Fashion LIVE! Slovak Fashion Week Initiative

Fashion LIVE! Slovak Fashion Week Initiative

25 - 27 October 
Bratislava - Slovakia

The newly created association Fashion LIVE! is a combined effort between Slovak fashion designers and brands Boris Hanečka, Lukáš Kimlička, Marcel Holubec W., Petra Poórová, Ľubica Poncik, Lenka Sršňová, Jana Kuzmová, Inpéria, La Femme and Ateliér 343.

It was formed due to the fact that Bratislava Fashion Weekend was cancelled, an impulse which did not discourage the designers from their work. Together with OLO-dressing and Slovak Fashion Council, the designers created the event Fashion LIVE! Slovak Fashion Week Initiative. This will enable the designers to present their collections to the public and show their enthusiasm for their work. They hope to show their professionalism by presenting themselves despite the problems experienced with external production agencies.
Olo Křížová works closely with Slovak designers and was engaged in the preparations of the past two years of Bratislava Fashion Weekend and decided to support the designers in their decision.
 “Given my long term cooperation with Slovak designers, with them and together with SFC we decided to continue to build awareness of the fashion scene in Slovakia. The intensive work on the Bratislava Fashion Weekend project for two years' deepened our working relationship and above all, it gave me a confirmation that there truly is a high quality fashion design with a unique and distinctive expression here. The cancellation of an important professional event without another solution would have a horrible impact on the general perception of the local work both at home and abroad.
Fashion is a medium that mirrors the image of time and society. The pulse of life is unstoppable, fashion is presented at regular seasonal intervals and this cannot be changed. During a period when designers have completed their collections, it would be really sad not to complete the whole process and present their new collection at runway shows.
I admire their dedication and uniformity that they stood up to protect their work. They gathered their strengths and put the whole process of the event in motion. I am very pleased to have the honor to work with such people and to be a part of the creative process. I believe that through this event, a new basis for a functioning and stable platform has been created for the future.”

The Slovak Fashion Council ( SFC ) has entered the project Fashion LIVE! as it hopes to encourage the Slovak fashion scene and is unable to witness ruined opportunities. Its aim is to promote the early development of the Slovak fashion segment.

 "SFC has been systematically working in a highly professional approach for two years in order to promote the Slovak clothing industry, and hence the decision to support the Slovak designers is a given," says Dana Kleinert and adds: "During its activities, the SFC has created opportunities for more than 17 designers and fashion brands to present their work at London Fashion Week and Vienna Fashion Week amongst other events. Therefore, they are able to gain work experience and opportunities in a professional environment. Bratislava cannot forego such a chance."

In particular, Slovak Fashion Council is in charge of the organization of White Showrooms. Their purpose is to bring the Slovak fashion to the public and to enable them to try on the designer pieces as well as to purchase them.

The designers have their collections set and Fashion LIVE! providesan opportunity for them to be showcased to the public.
Speaking in the name of all the designers, Marcel Holubec W says: "Fashion Live! is a platform which was created due to the cancellation of Bratislava Fashion Weekend in 2013 – and through the desire and initiative of us, designers : Boris Hanečka , Marcel Holubec W , Lukáš Kimlička , Petra Poórová, Ľubica Poncik , Lenka Sršňová , Jana Kuzmová and the brands Inpéria and La Femme, all of whom did not hesitate to deal with the situation. It is very important that we stand by a common ground with Olo Křížova, who is the art director and project coordinator. We believe that finally, we have something that we can proudly stand up for in our small country and to present our work not only to a narrow circle of selected people but also to the general public at large. We believe that right now, we are creating a solid foundation that will give us a clear direction for the future, which is to present our collections once a year. "

It is important to send a clear signal that the Slovak fashion designers are thriving and creating collections for real people. Equally important is the message for the expert audience – the potential partners and vendors as without them, the fashion scene will not move forward. Slovak designers alongside the related organizations which support them want to work, present themselves and play an important role in the creative industry in Slovakia. Slovak fashion designers and their collaborators create high quality and unique fashion collections in which they wish to continue doing. That is where they see the essence of the fashion industry.

The current event Fashion LIVE! is supported by: Stará Tržnica (Old Market in the city centre) as the provider of the space for holding the fashion shows.

The patronage of the event is taken by Bratislava city and Bratislava Old Town. Professional models are the key for fashion shows and for the event, the modeling agency EXIT Model Management will provide the models.

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