Tuesday, 8 October 2013

FASHIONCLASH Invito Shoe Design Challenge Winners

In collaboration with Invito, FASHIONCLASH invited talent to develop a shoe concept where creativity and sustainability are coming together.
The Shoe Design Challenge was born as a platform to contribute to the development of new (fashion) talent.
 Ten designers, Malou Fool, Marleen Huijsmans, Lotte van de Laar, Judith van Vliet, Wendy van den Ham, Chris van den Elzen, Sarah El Mahi, Milou van den Berg, Monique Schraven and Milou Hillegers, where selected to work out their concepts.
On 2 October the jury came together at Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht, where all the design where exhibited.
The jury, existing of Bas Kosters, Invito and FASHIONCLASH awarded three designers.

Men's shoe by Malou Fool and women's shoe by Monique Schraven will be taken into production and will be sold in Invito stores in 2014.
Chris van den Elzen received an honorable mention for his innovative and inspiring shoe design.

jury and the winners

Jasper Den Hartog, Bas Kosters, Laurens Hamacher and me

Malou Fool

Chris van den Elzen

Monique Schraven

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