Thursday 24 October 2013

Homo Sapiens by Igor Vrebac

Igor Vrebac needs support for his project Homo Sapiens

Since a few weeks my project Homo Sapiens went online on voordekunst. This is a platform for artists to collect money with the concept of crowd funding.
The urge and motivation for this project I found in political developments towards homosexual people in Russia, Uganda, Iran and other countries. With this project I want to give an insight in the live of a homosexual man, with the hope to make the ignorance about homosexuality transparent.
My fascination is about the function of stereotypes in our society. The main question to answer is: Why is a homo man, after his coming out, pushed back into another closet, the homo stereotype closet? Or less abstract: Why is it that lives of homo men are made more difficult by the use of stereotypes, whereas stereotypes are meant to make our social interactions more easy?

By discussing stereotypes and taboes, I would like to bring a theatrical plea for the normal man; the normal man who is hidden in every homo man, but is not acknowledged by society. You can take a look at my project Homo Sapiens by clicking here. Of course I would be more than happy if you could give a donation. A donation that will contribute to homo emancipation. Thank you!

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