Friday, 25 October 2013

Nenukko Spring Summer 2014

NENUKKO clothing brand style is dedicated to individualists, referes to the unisexual simplicity and results from a creative attitude towards design. The authors' main purpose is the visual inventiveness and reaching beyond the classical stylistic conventions. In this way, fashion is understood as a multithreaded process of change, in which the authors inlude themselves preserving their own artistic vision.

The spring summer 2014 collection 'Quit' is a result of the revision of the designer's creative method.
 "The similiar has vanished somewhere, hidden in the corners from what was not just 'simply different', but totally opposite, impossible to reconcile, or even mutially exclusive."(D.Maslowska, "Kochanie, zbilam nasze koty", Noir sur Blanc, 2012)

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