Wednesday 20 November 2013

Ausländer show at Fashion Rio

Ausländer fall winter 2014

Text by Katharina Simone Milz Photography: Peter de Albuquerque

One of my favorite shows during the entire time of Fashion Rio was the one by “Ausländer.” For creative director Ricardo Brautigan, the future is minimalistic, high-tech and starts exactly in winter 2014. During the “Ausländer” show, the singer Beatrice Elli was performing live at the catwalk, which enhanced the atmosphere and brought a very unique vibe to the show. Shoulders play a key role in the latest collection, reminding one a little of the 80s, but with a futuristic touch. Furthermore, the designer created a stunning tension between black and white, transparence and layers. High collars and slits were the main focus for dresses and coats. In conclusion, the “Ausländer” show convinced not only through a professional presentation but foremost through a spectacular collection.

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