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Fashion Rio - Winter 2014 Part III

Fashion Rio Part III

Katharina Simone Milz, visited Fashion Rio Winter 2014 edition.
Here are here final reflections and reviews

On the last evening of Fashion Rio, the atmosphere was electrified and I had the impression that every visitor had selected his or her outfit even more elaborately. People were excited to see some of Brazil’s most famous labels on the catwalk and everyone was rushing to the first show by “Andrea Marques.”

Actresses from Brazil love to wear “Andrea Marques” because of the elegant and feminine style. Therefore, many soap-opera stars were sitting in the first row of the fashion show. The main focus of the latest “Andrea Marques” collection was on longer silhouettes in silk and velvet. Colors of the pieces were pink, saffron and red that were mixed with black and white and combined with graphic prints on tunics, skirts, midis, pants and short coats. “Andrea Marques” succeeded to create a collection in which each and every piece can be combined perfectly with each other to create a feminine and comfortable outfit.

Andrea Marques


One of my favorite shows during the entire time of Fashion Rio was the one by “Ausländer.” For creative director Ricardo Brautigan, the future is minimalistic, high-tech and starts exactly in winter 2014. During the “Ausländer” show, the singer Beatrice Elli was performing live at the catwalk, which enhanced the atmosphere and brought a very unique vibe to the show. Shoulders play a key role in the latest collection, reminding one a little of the 80s, but with a futuristic touch. Furthermore, the designer created a stunning tension between black and white, transparence and layers. High collars and slits were the main focus for dresses and coats. In conclusion, the “Ausländer” show convinced not only through a professional presentation but foremost through a spectacular collection. 

 Filhas de Gaia

Filhas de Gaia
The Brazilian label “Filhas de Gaia” by Renata Salles and Marcela Calmon is known for its modern urban chic and bold cuts. Cocoons and forms that symbolize the maturing of the brand and its creation inspired the new winter collection. Although the creations were thoughtful and interesting, the finish of the pieces was criticized especially as some of the applications fell apart on the catwalk. Nevertheless, the combination of tulle, leather and delicate fabrics with feminine and sexy silhouettes should be highlighted.


Fashion Rio summery & reflections
After some amazing days at Fashion Rio, I’m almost a little sad that it’s already over. It is visible that Fashion Rio wants to play in the same league as the fashion weeks in New York, Paris or Berlin. Although the location and setting were really professional and underlined the unique Brazilian style, the international angle is clearly missing as communication is only in Portuguese and there is no information desk for international press. But the big plus is the focus on Brazilian fashion only. After talking to national press from Brazil, this shows that the fashion business is becoming more and more proud of its own talents and is way less influenced by the USA and Europe.

Surprisingly, this new development is not represented on the catwalk as mainly white models are hired. Black and indigenous models were therefore protesting against racism during the fashion week. They were not only on the streets of Rio but also at the entrance of Fashion Rio, showing their naked bodies with the title “What strikes you, your racism or me?” Fashion agencies and governmental institutions agreed on a 10% quota for black models in fashion shows to calm down the protest. To me this case is highly surprising as all of the participating designers at Fashion Rio have Brazilian roots and also advertise with their origin. Maybe the 10% quota is a first step in the right direction but looking at Brazil as the country with the world’s second largest black population after Nigeria, this development should have been initiated way earlier. Nevertheless, Brazil is a country to watch – and not only when it comes to fashion.

 Filhas de Gaia


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