Saturday, 7 December 2013

Act Your Age Festival in Maastricht

The Act Your Age Festival on 12, 13 and 14 December in Maastricht the Netherlands aims to overturn and add to our existing ideas about aging and old age, taking dance as its starting point. It shows ‘the art of growing old’ in its full scope.

Besides dance performances by dancers aged between 16 and 88, there are lectures by academics and European opinion-makers about the older person and the aging body. There are (dance) workshops, in which you can dance yourself and get personally involved, and there are exhibitions.
But most important of all, there are meetings between the different generations, between science and art, and between experts in the field of aging and older people themselves.

Act Your Age Festival programme

Thursday 12 December/ Act your age
This day revolves around the broader cultural and social ideas that determine our vision of aging for a large part. Discover what it means to 'act your age'. What is expected of us, either implicitly or explicitly?

Friday 13 December/ Body & Mind 
The heart of the festival focuses on body and mind. Throughout our lives, we all have different experiences, our surroundings change and we change ourselves, both physically and mentally. How do we, as people, deal with change? Experts, dancers and choreographers share their vision.

Saturday 14 December/ Aging in practice 
On the third day of the festival, various experts share their knowledge in workshops. Join in and take inspiration from one another and from the power of the theme. The day is rounded off by lectures with practical tips & tricks.

For more information about the festival and programme:

What age are you acting? - Silvia Gribaudi & Domenico Santonicola

Please be gentle - Alexis Vassilou

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