Sunday 1 December 2013

En Soie

Recently I discovered this cool multi fashion and accessories brand.

“En Soie” is the traditional silkhouse, which supplied all the important couture houses in Rome and Paris under the name of 'Abraham und Brauchbar'. In 1976 Monique Meier Leuthold took over the company. Only shortly afterwards she started working with different artists such as Peter Fischli, Dieter Meier, Salomée, Luciano Castelli, Helen Branger and most recently Pascal Möhlmann which all developed an artwork for a foulards and fabrics.

The collection „Edition“ from En Soie plays with shape and colour. It symbolises the tradition of the company – textile drafts, colour and printing techniques. Pefectly expressed in the title of a silkfoulard created by Dieter Meier, Artist: „the description of colour is impossible, you have to wear it“ (90x90cm, handrolled, 100% silktwill, handprint Switzerland).

En Soie SS 2014 at Mode Suisse
Photo by Simon Habegger

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