Wednesday 18 December 2013

From Arnhem With Love

photography: Erwin Olaf, Hair & Make-up: Anita Jolles @ EEA,
model: Diek @ Rocket Garage
Erwin Olaf & Collectie Arnhem with ♥ for the Russian LGBT community

With this campaign, they draw attention to the appalling conditions on gay rights in Russia.
A T-shirt with a print,  specially developed for the campaign, shows a pink interpretation of a masterpiece by the Russian artist El Lissitzky. The shirt is available for sale from the end of January in a limited edition of 60 pieces.

Collectie Arnhem is an annual project of the third year fashion students from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem.
The 22 students of the current generation launched 'From Arnhem With Love " to support the Russian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.
As in coming February, all eyes of the world are pointed at the Olympic Games in Sochi, they want to ensure that this matter does not end up under the snow, but rather gets the attention it deserves.
Erwin Olaf, known supporter of gay rights, wants to be part of this project and shot the campaign.

The print on the shirt is a pink translation of the painting “Beat the white with the red wedge” from the Russian artist El Lissitzky. The theme of this painting is about progress in a suppressed Russia.
Through modern interpretation and minor changes they have turned the theme of the painting into a gay icon.

The original five shirts are now circulating around known Dutch people from the fashion industry and other supporters. By wearing the shirt they express their support for the LGBT community in Russia. The pictures are a growing wall on Collectie Arnhem instagram-page (#fromarnhemwithlove).
Follow Collectie Arnhem on Facebook and Instagram to see who will appear in the shirt and where the shirt will be sold.

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