Thursday 27 February 2014

Keta Gutmane AW 2014/15

KETA GUTMANE AW14 collection / RELICS /

Keta Gutmane is a Latvian conceptual womenswear brand that is producing wearable collections with a smart functionality in transformable details, bridging classic unique tailoring with urban avant-garde.
Its contemporary monochrome palette defines purist aesthetics and outlines details. Gutmane sees an outfit as language around topical issues, feelings and experiences.

The AW 14/15 collection boldly merges a sacral feel, urban city mood and avant-garde roots, all inspired by 16/17th century Flemish paintings. The combination of classical and innovative materials produces an asphalt-like rubbery-leathery feel. As an answer to the modern functional needs between the classic and the cutting-edge, some of the items are transformable. Its wearer - a self-confident independent woman, discreet and private like a nun, yet equipped with hi-tech urban gear.

KETA GUTMANE AW 2014 is  on display at Void Showroom during Paris Fashion Week R-T-W AW 2014/15

Photography by Martins Cirulis

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Girls.

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