Thursday 13 March 2014

Alexandra Moura at ModaLisboa VISION

Alexandra Moura presented her FW 2014/15 collection in the first evening of ModaLisboa Vision edition.
The mixed collection features beautiful dark silhouettes, a mixtures of diverse looks and striking hats. Alexandra Moura  drew inspiration from 'Witches of Hadramaut' with elements from artist Pires Vieira.

'Witches of Hadramaut', women in the Hadramaut area (Yemen) who wear all black and the ones who work in the fields wear tall conical shaped straw sunhats, like witches hats, which contrast quite starkly with their black clothes.

'Witches of Hadramaut' Yemen


Mónica Villar said...

Amazing blog
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A chic kiss ;)


Thank you so much, so you where at ModaLisboa too :)


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