Tuesday 25 March 2014

Design Contest: 'The Silhouette of 2039'

Modemuseum Hasselt Design Contest "'The Silhouette of 2039"
The Modemuseum Hasselt (Fashion Museum of Hasselt) celebrates its 25th anniversary with an exhibition 'Collection 02(5)' and with a design contest 'The silhouette of 2039'. Design the silhouette of the future (2039) and enter for a chance to win a fantastic price: 2500€!

Send your design sketches to the following address no later than April 30 2014 to:
Otwerpwedstrijd (Design Contest)
Modemuseum Hasselt
Gasthuisstraat 11
3500 Hasselt

The competition is accessible to everyone (from 18) and will take on sketches until the 30th of April 2014. A jury shall select five designs and announce the 5 finalists on May 15 2014. The 5 finalists shall each make a prototype of their design to be submitted no later than September 1st 2014. A professional jury shall select the winner.
The winner shall be awarded the Prize of the City of Hasselt, worth 2500€ in cash.
JBC awards the JBC Public Award worth 500€ and Issa-Moda will give an Incentive Prize worth 250€. All finalists will receive a goodiebag.
For more information mail modemuseum@hasselt.be or call 0032 11 23 96 21.

You can download the Design Contest Regulations here:   http://www.modemuseumhasselt.be/bestanden/downloads/186370_REGL3_OntwerpwedstrijdEN1_proof_REV.pdf http://www.modemuseumhasselt.be/bestanden/downloads/INSCHRIJFFORMULIER.pdf


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