Saturday, 22 March 2014

My Unmade Bed Project

My Unmade Bed, a project by Álvaro Dols

A while I go I received in invitation to participate in My Unmade Bed project.
My Unmade Bed is a online showcase that features work made by the general public in response to invitations sent by Álvaro Dols.
Participants receive an invitation with an assignment to take a photograph of their unmade beds after sleeping on them and to answer few questions.
The “prescriptive nature” of this project is intended to guide people on showing a realistic yet metaphorical and most intimate self-portrait. As the English artist Tracey Emin shows in her work entitled “ My bed” (1998), her own bed is represented without any extra ornament. The artist presents her bed as an art piece and shares her most personal space revealing her private and personal space. That is the purpose of “My Unmade Bed”, showing the artist’s bed as their real self-portrait, as their true and intimate self.

Check it out!

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