Thursday 3 April 2014

Atelier Hard to explain - Fashion Weekend Skopje

Atelier “Hard to explain” by  Katerina Popeva and Marija Dacevska had opened the 8th edition of Fashion Weekend Skopje with their collection “THE STORYTELLER”


“Fairy tales exist to be written in color. I will tell you this one as I remembered it, not the way it really happened…”The main goal of this show/collection is to tell, through performance, a special tale of the city of Skopje, which, seen through the eyes of the authors of this collection, is set on the cobblestones of the Bazaar and it lives its own special fairy tale. Through the narration of the storyteller, who leads us throughout the entire fashion show/performance, which is located on the cobblestones of the Bazaar in front of the atelier “Hard to explain”, you will have the possibility to see the new avant-garde collections. The atelier’s goal was to make the pieces, which will be presented in this fashion show, all-season, i.e. to be worn throughout the entire year.

more information: Facebook page

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