Monday 5 May 2014

JOLIE SU - Gyspy Puzzle Collection

JOLIE SU 'Gypsy Puzzle Collection' is inspired by Gypsy architecture, culture and lifestyle. Puzzle of culture, style, colors, shapes, memories and dreams. “Palaces” from little girl's dream. Wanderer's lifestyle full of freedom and carelessness. Glittering, colorful, reach and poor. Although everything is mixed, it still makes sense.

The construction in the collection is based on multifunctionality: one piece can be stripped into few and separate elements can be mixed creating something new.

Colors gold and silver symbolize the richness; baby blue and baby pink symbolize the youth and dreams; black and dark/navy blue symbolize the authority and seriousness. Sparkling fabrics stands of the desire for richness and splendor.
Exclusive fabrics like silk are used as shantung which makes elegant look more casual, glittering polyester and digital printed canvas bring abstract futuristic touch, mixed with white daisy flower lace and dull cotton recall childish memories. Transparent silk beige organza and animal printed velvet evoke the primordially. Black organza with woolen and satin tape represents the hermeticity.

JOLIE SU graduated with honors the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. The Sans Culotte Collection of 2013 was Jolie Su's first catwalk show. She presented a futuristic and avant-garde look which busted the Graduate Fashion Show in Warsaw, Poland. The Sans Culotte Collection which was inspired by French revolution was awarded with „The Best Graduate Collection” by the most crucial representatives of Polish fashion industry invited to the show. Many national and international publications occurred. Jolie Su is the first Polish graduate who received a scholarship from IADE Creative University with a possibility of starting the course from the second year. Jolie Su is currently living and creating in Lisbon, Portugal.
Jolie Su is inspired by social phenomena and transfers that symbols into fashion. Her French background is reflected in a certain swagger while maintaining class and natural charm.

Photographer: Małgorzata Cień
Make-up Artist: Marzena Stępień Furmanek
Model: Ania B./Uncover Models

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