Friday 6 June 2014

Olga Jazepova at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2014

Meet Ølga Jazepova, an Estonian Footwear Designer and Trend Forecaster. Currently she is based in Tilburg, The Netherlands. She is on the participants of the FASHIONCLASH 'designer' Market where she will present and sell her ORBITHA footwear collection.

" The ORBITHA footwear capsule collection aims to bound artistic visionary symbolism with the simplicity of minimalism. As I see, each person has their own intensity “orbit”. Likewise planets and people spin around their “axis” reeling up experiences of their existence, growing their inner personality and magnifying visionary gravitation upon the world. Inspired by the motion of two planets which differ from others in our solar system; Uranus, extremely cold and large – Venus incandescently hot. Both have the right to a harmonious existence."

Find out more about  Ølga Jazepova and her work on FASHIONCLASH Blog

Photography : Liselotte Fleur Photography

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