Tuesday 8 July 2014

Aziz Bekkaoui Spring Summer 2015

Aziz Bekkaoui is probably one of the most relevant Dutch designers at this moment, even more now that he launched his spring summer 2015 collection. With this collection

On the basis of the new collection of Aziz Bekkaoui lies the question: Are you willing to share? Are you willing to share love and peace? And sun and water? Land and food? Tradition and history? Symbols and signs? Logos and colors?

The collection shows a coexistence of fabrics and techniques. Cotton and silk live peacefully together with wool and linen. Traditional and sporting patterns and motifs such as Keffiyeh, Tallit and Maasai, go along with new prints and colors. The color palette consists of many shades of blue, turquoise to pastel blue, cool mint green, desert khaki, naples yellow and lemon yellow, red, white and blue-white.

Urban meets classic. Glamour embraces activism. Dance events are associated with religious gatherings. Time of parochialism is over. In the 21st century we  recognize each specific qualities and live respectfully with each other. Let's be generous. Let's Share and Like!

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