Monday 14 July 2014

Zyanya Keizer debut at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Zyanya Keizer - photo  Linda Mosterd
During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam designer Zyanya Keizer debuted with her collection 'INCUBUS' in Transformatorhuis.

Her collection led the audience through fears that most people know, the fear of the dark, fear of what's waiting under the bed and nightmares where one can not wake up from.

Zyanya found inspiration in muscle atonia a state that is characteristic of the sleep disorder called sleep paralysis, in which one temporarily can not move themselves, also described as a transitional state between wakefulness and rest.

Part of this deviation is the experience of an overwhelming feeling of fear and horror; an inability to speak or attack; a helplessness that is so enhanced that the dreams and hallucinations seem real.

The collection is also based on the "The nightmare", the famous painting by Henry Fuseli, which formed the basis of many theories about the meaning of dreams.

Zyanya Keizer - photo  Linda Mosterd

Zyanya Keizer, photo Team Peter Stigter

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