Friday 29 August 2014

Common Methods - Cape Town

Common Methods
First Edition

From August 15 to 24 Common Methods held an exhibition in Harrington Street 75 in Cape Town. Common Methods aims to bring together designers to uncommon territories and to stimulate new developments through collaboration.
In its First Edition the progress and products created in collaboration between South African and Dutch designers was on display.

"Common Methods is an on-going venture with a collaborative design and culture experience. We want to establish growing relationships between designers, locals, craftsmen, manufacturers and the public. We want to bring designers to uncommon territories, to stimulate new developments through collaboration that promotes knowledge exchange and personal development. "

Participants: Lio de Bruin, Mathew Nielson, Phil Procter, Natalie du Toit, Bronze Age, Matblac, Design Afrika, Woodheads.

Some impressions from the opening 

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