Sunday 21 September 2014

Keta Gutmane Spring Summer 2015

Keta Gutmane SS2015
at Void Paris


No solid physical contact. The celestial power of levitating on water. The erroneous disturbed signal of a TV set. The ability of mind power to generate or interrupt energy flow. Water as clean energy mirroring capabilities that are beyond human. Through keen observation and practice of adjustable mental energy, I return to primary power, halt the contemporary and head into the timeless. What you see is what's inside.

Extending the Trilogy that started with the AW14, in the SS15 I continue with my discrete classics, bringing in sporty details from martial arts originally meant for men only. The collection takes a bow towards unisex, yet stays discreetly feminine in its vanguard settings. The strong urbane outplays the seasonality of fashion.

Via Gutmane's own drawn graphics, the broken TV transmission and psychokinesis visually move onto printed fabrics and are worn as a reminder of all things relative, transformable. Fabrics flow and fold like water, at times giving synthetic glow, or architectural frame like in neoprene coats. The sporty end is afresh represented with neoprene, followed by mix of natural cottons, paper and linen. Bomber jackets parade the SS15, adding to the comfortable urban chic. High waist lines, elongated boxer pants and transformed kimonos become everyday wearables. Monochromes dominate in diverse textures: black, gray, light white and b/w form the colors of SS15.

Take a look at the SS2105 collection lookbook

Tekst and images are in courtesy of Keta Gutamane. 
Photos are by Maris Locmelis.

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