Wednesday 15 October 2014

DANITO Wooden handbags

Wooden, luxury and unique fashion accessories by DANITO Wooden handbags and briefcases DANITO are unique products, completely handcrafted in Slovenia of the finest natural materials.
The exterior of the product depends on the type and characteristics of wood which is used (domestic as well as foreign types of wood and printed decor veneer). Therefore each model is unique and slightly different. 
The interior of handbags and briefcases is also entirely handmade of the finest Nappa leather or textile. The handle of handbag is made of knitted hemp, cladded in Nappa leather. Products are surface treated with a water resistant oil, which makes them resilient and durable. The use of different materials enables the customer to select a unique handag or briefcase, adjusted to the customer's character and style.
Fashion Accessories DANITO are a combination of luxury, latest design ideas and environmental responsibility.

DANITO featured at Brands & Signs at Month of Design Ljubljana

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