Wednesday 26 November 2014

Cloakroom - Olivier Saillard / Tilda Swinton

photo, Katerina Jebb
Tilda Swinton teamed again with fashion curator Olivier Saillard, director of Palais Galliera in Paris, for the Cloakroom performance.

Cloakroom is the latest performance conceived by Swinton and Saillard as part of the annual Festival d’Automne in Paris. Last year their performance, Eternity Dress, consisted of Saillard measuring the actress onstage and the two constructing a garment for her to wear on the spot. In the Impossible Wardrobe the year before that, Swinton donned several items of historical dress, sometimes centuries old, from the Palais Galliera’s archives.

Cloakroom — Vestiaire Obligatoire, November 22-29, 2014, Palais Galliera, 10 avenue Pierre, Paris

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Performance photography ©

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