Saturday 8 November 2014

Out There Part 1 in Maastricht

Out There part I 
Viewmaster Projects in cooperation with The Nederlands Fotomuseum

The two-part exhibition Out There kicked of in Maastricht in October and is now counting its last days. The follow-up, part two will is planned for Rotterdam (February 2015).
Out There is showing present-day landscape images by contemporary artists who work with various media such as video, photography and ‘net art’.
50 artworks are put on display that are part of the 500-year-old tradition of landscape art and at the same time stretch and make current the traditional frames of meaning through new techniques and views. 
Spread out through various locations in public spaces such as the impressive Eiffelgebouw (Sphinx), Mosae Forum and Boschstraat,  Out There #1  Maastricht features work of 25 international artists such as Barbara Visser, Marjolijn Dijkman, Carlos Irijalba, Dan Walwin, Marnix Goossens, Atomic Elroy, Noémie Goudal, Thomas Steiner and many more.

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