Tuesday 16 December 2014

First fashion retail concept launched for Google Cardboard

The byAMFI Statement Store makes history as the first fashion retail space for the virtual reality app Google Cardboard. In under a minute: download the Virtual Tour byAMFI app from the Play Store, place your Android in the handheld cardboard, then explore the store in six scenes as if you're actually there.
Special 360-degree photography of the store was programmed into an interactive experience under guidance of the Crossmedia research group of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). Access a moment in time from the one-of-a-kind space on Amsterdam's Spui anytime from anywhere in the world. The tour shares information about the store, the items for sale and the concept behind the visual merchandising.
The app stimulates curiosity to visit the store; manager Rosiane Kuijper sees more opportunities: “Many fashion brands have been exploring virtual reality to build a bridge between the digital and the physical. The millennial generation seeks post-digital experiences, so omnichannel as a strategy is growing. A tour of byAMFI in virtual reality is an innovative step in the right direction.”

Google’s Cardboard is available nearly everywhere and costs about €20, or you can make your own. Virtual reality is hot, especially as fashion brands have seized the opportunity to get involved. Five days ago ELLE launched a virtual fashion shoot for Android and Cardboard. Kenzo has a free art gallery online, Jimmy Choo a shoppable showroom, Valentino a virtual fashion museum, Topshop broadcasted live from the runway with Facebook’s Oculus Rift and there are many other examples. The AUAS and byAMFI are proud to be a part of the pioneers.

Surf to http://bit.ly/virtualtourbyAMFI from your Android to download the tour, soon available for iPhone.

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