Wednesday 3 December 2014

Meet the Maker at Bureau Europa

On 29 November 2014, the first edition of ‘Meet the Maker’ – a collaboration with NOTO design studio in Maastricht – took place at Bureau Europa. Artists, thinkers, designers and performers from the Euregio presented one work for one day. The work’s presentation is underscored by the encounter between the public and professionals.
For this event, a select group of curators, collectors, and policy makers are invited from the cultural field. During the evening, the artists give short presentations, after which there is an informal dinner to further the discussion. The goal is to develop sustainable partnerships and networks.
An edition of Meet the Maker will take place every six months. Next one is during FASHIONCLASH Festival in June.

For this first participants where: 
- Anne Büscher (1991): jewelry designer, Maastricht
- Wouter Huis (1974): visual artist, founder Greylight Projects in Hoensbroek and Brussels
- Maïté Guerin (1983): dancer, co-founder Gotra Ballet, Heerlen
- Egidius Bink (1980): graphic designer and illustrator, Maastricht/ Amsterdam
- NNstudio (Nicolas Bebronne and Pierre Geurts): graphic designers, Liège
- Dusty Thomas: fashion designer, Maastricht
- Valentin & Jonas Löllmann: furniture designer & photographer, Maastricht

Bureau Europa and NOTO want to provide opportunities for the Euregio’s artistic talent, helping them to further their careers by creating cultural networks. Additionally, Meet the Maker is the ideal concept to grasp the cultural business climate, and discovering what we can learn from each other from the viewpoint of different disciplines. For the first edition, eight practitioners from the visual arts, architecture, dance, fashion, graphic design, and photography were asked to choose and explain one work from their oeuvre.

More Info & Images: here

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