Thursday 15 January 2015

A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell / V Magazine

"You aren't going to call me a folksinger, are you?"
 That's how legendary singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell starts an interview with V magazine (issue 93; out Thursday).

 "You aren't going to say that I'm like the female Bob Dylan — or worse — a singer-songwriter, are you? I'm liable in interviews to get frustrated and become stupidly boastful. I just want things to be acknowledged. It's like, don't make me say it."

Joni Mitchell is having a moment — maybe because of the release of Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, a Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced — a four-disc box set that includes 53 songs from the past 40 years of her career.

She's also the new face of Yves Saint Laurent, part of the fashion house's Music Project.

Photography Hedi Slimane.
All clothing Saint Laurens by Hedi Slimane, ring and earrings her own

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