Wednesday 28 January 2015

Camiel Fortgens at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam

Camiel Fortgens reacts on Cut-Copy-Paste Generation

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Camiel Fortgens presented his collection KNOWN at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

KNOWN menswear philosophy

With this collection Camiel Fortgens reacts to the cut- copy-paste generation. A generation that has been lost in a world of possibilities. A world where anything goes, where you can be anywhere and where you can be anyone. We are literally lost : we no longer know our roots and we are losing our'own'. This is reflected in fashion and art: a jumble of elements cut-copy-pasted from various cultures around the world.
"With my collection I want to go back to who we are. Who or what is a man now, in this globalized urban society ?"

KNOWN is a clothing collection based on the archetypal silhouette and fabric off former menswear. Challenging the contemporary “cut copy paste” culture and industry and reflecting on menswear in general.

Take a look:

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